Saturday, November 11, 2017

Urban Camp 2017

Hi Troop 75,

I hope you all had a nice enjoyable weekend! It was a great weekend for our Annual Urban Camp. The perfect ending to another awesome year of fun, learning and adventure in Troop 75! The weather was perfect! I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the Scout's, Adult Leaders and Parent Volunteers who helped out with Urban Camp!

Our day started with a nice, but bumpy ride to the Ala Moana Shopping Center. The bus route was filled with potholes and bumps. Due to traveling along the rail construction path. We arrived at Ala Moana around 10. We all met up at Center Stage to plan the activities for the day. We broke up into 4 groups. The first activity was a Scavenger Hunt. It was a nice walk around the Shopping Center to get all the items on the list. That took us to lunch. We met up at 12:00 p.m. at the Food Court.

We enjoyed a nice lunch. Then everyone headed to the new Arcade called the Lucky Strike. It's very much like Dave n Busters. Except they don't have Pool Tables. But they did have a 4 four lane bowling alley up stairs. We spent the rest of the day there. The Scout's played and the Adults sat down and watched football until it was time to walk to the Hotel.

We checked into our Hotel Rooms and the Boy's settled down. situated themselves and relaxed until dinner. Some of the Boys went to swim in the pool. We left for dinner around 6:00 p.m. We went across the street to Walmart for the goodies and snacks for later. And we bought our dinners from L&L and Kozo Sushi and went back to the Hotel to eat. The Boys we're tired and did not plan any night activities. They hung out in their rooms and entertained themselves. I think they spent all their money Lucky Strike.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Dan Kiyohiro for organizing and coordinating the Urban Camp. Special Thanks to Roxanne and Johnathan Sivalop for coming up with the Scavenger Hunt. Thank you to Dave Masaki and Dan Kiyohiro for transporting all the gear to the Hotel. And A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Parents and Adult Leaders who helped chaperone this outing. And Thanks to the overnight crew, Dan Kiyohiro and Ken Nagamine. We all had a fabulous time! Thank You all for always being there for our Scout's!

We are done camping until 2018. We all look forward to new adventures in the coming New Year. Thank You Troop 75 Ohana!

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Container Painting

Hi Troop 75,

I hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous day in paradise! We are lucky we in live Hawaii! It was a perfect day to do Phase 2 of the Container Service Project. It was so HOT! Minimal breeze and working in the sun. Made for an exhausting morning. I just want to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Scout's, Adult Leaders and Parents. Thank You for sacrificing a part of your Saturday to come out and help paint the Containers.

We met at the Momilani Community Center by Breene and Cliff. After a brief instructional meeting. We set up two Easy Ups, a table, chairs and a Water Cooler. We broke up into two groups. One group applying the final coat on the PCCA Container. And the other putting on the primer coat for the Troop 75/Pack 75 Container. We waited for the primer to dry(1 hr.) and applied the final coat. We started at 07:30 am. And were done by 11:00 am. Everyone worked so hard in the blazing sun! Great teamwork and Scout Leadership! The Containers look so nice! Their reflective, so you need sun glasses when you stand next to them in the sun!

One more coat of paint will need to applied to both Containers. And the roof has not been touched yet. We need to apply a Reflective Paint for the roof. The second coat of paint and the roof will be done at a later date. Breene, Cliff and the Momilani Staff were very grateful and pleased with the work we did. I will make arrangements with Breene to set up a time to do Phase 3 of this Service Project.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help. Thank You to Roxanne Sivalop for bringing the ice. And a thank you to Dan Kiyohiro for picking up the Water Cooler. Thank you to ASPL Daylen for your great leadership in organizing the Scout's and leading the way. Thank You to our Scout's! Outstanding teamwork! We completed the Project sooner than expected. Due to the many hands, it made things go so much faster!

After we cleaned everything up. We had pizza and refreshments afterwards. The Boys went through 6 large pizzas from Sam's in a heartbeat! We had to cut our rest and relaxation short because a lot of the Boy's had to attend the Citizenship In The Nation Merit Badge at 2:00 pm. A job very well done!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Camporee 2017

Hi Troop 75,

I hope you all had a great weekend! It was a gorgeous weekend for our last outdoor camp of the year. For the most part, it was sunny and hot! There was an early Saturday morning down pour. And the nights we're a bit chilly. But it was all good! Thank goodness the trade winds returned on Saturday to cool things off. Just in time for the activities. We all had a fabulous time! A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Camporee participants! Thank You for making this camp so special! We have had many great memories throughout the year. But this camp ranks up there as one of the most memorable!

We had a nice drive to the Windward side on Friday afternoon. We got there a little later than usual, but had enough light to set up the Dining Tent. We pitched our tents and had a nice dinner. We turned in early to get a good night rest for the busy day ahead. We woke to a beautiful sunrise. The sun shone through the lush unspoiled valley revealing it's beauty. Set against the foot of the majestic Koolau Mountains. Just the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. Starry skies at night. And a beautiful rainbow on Sunday morning. It doesn't get much better than that!

We had a nice hearty breakfast, then cleaned up. We rested. And prepared ourselves for a great day of competition. We attended the Flag Ceremony to officially begin the days competition. Our Boy Scout's proceeded to each station and the Adults manned our BB-8 Robot Obstacle Course. That was an instant hit! Our Scout's competed very well. They had plenty of heart, determination and good sportsmanship! They represented Troop 75 well! They made us all very proud! Great job Scout's! Very well done!

The days activities we're split into two parts with a lunch break in between. The Activities were completed in time for the 3:00 pm guided tour of the Movie Sets. That was a tough 3 mile hike, for the Adults anyway! The first part being up hill. We hiked up to the Jurassic World Film Location and rested. Then proceed back down to the valley floor to see the rest of the movie sets. We made it back by 5:00 pm. It was a great tour! We relaxed and then had dinner. The Saturday night campfire and awards ceremony was great! The perfect way to end the Camporee. Although we didn't win any awards. We had an awesome time! After campfire the Scout's just kicked back. It was a long eventful day.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Andrea and Jeffrey Eshelman for organizing and coordinating so we could attend this Camporee. Thanks to Jeffrey for towing the Trailer to Camp. And Thanks to the Eshelman Ohana for purchasing the food. Thank You to Iron Chefs, Jeffrey, Andrea and Damien for preparing the food for the Adults and Staff. Thank You to Todd Kaetsu for towing the Trailer back, and for the Sunday morning pastries. Thanks to all the Adults for your support and help. Thank You to SPL Ian for your outstanding leadership. And Thanks to our Scout's, awesome teamwork and sportsmanship! You guys are the best!

Camp Wicklund 2017

                           Photo album

Hi Troop 75,

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had beautiful weather for our "Survival Camp" at Wicklund. The sunshine, cool tropical breeze, clean water and starry skies at night. It doesn't get much better than that! The temperature dipped at night. But it was nice! A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Scout's and Parents who came out this weekend! We had an awesome time!

Our weekend started off with a nice drive to the North Shore. We got there with plenty of light left. The Boy Scouts proceeded to put up two Easy Ups as a place to gather, and a secondary shelter in case the clouds decided to rain on us. The Boy Scouts chose to build their shelters on the beach. They really used their creative imaginations and constructed some pretty ingenious shelters. We we're treated to a gorgeous sunset to end our Friday! It was great to see James and Paula again!

It was so cool to see the different types of freeze dried meals and canned goods. They all looked somewhat appetizing. They used various methods for heating their meals. From Sterno Stoves to Jet Boil Burners. The best part, NO dishes, pots or pans to wash! The Boys were very well prepared! Great job Scout's! We're so proud of your survival skills! They also had cookies and chips for snacks.

We did a service project on Saturday morning. We pulled weeds and vines along the property line adjacent to Dr. Tim's house. It was a cramp space, about 3 feet in between the fence and the Wicklund house. We also cut down two big Koa trees that we're over growing into Dr. Tim's property. That took some thinking to do. We had many hands and completed the project quickly. Then it was lunch time. The Wicklund's had previous engagements and were unable to see the finished project. But I'm sure the Wicklund's will be very pleased with the work we did. 

The Boys spent the rest of the day on the beach. Dr. Tim let us use his Kayak and SUP Board. Mr. Dave took some of the Boys down the beach to catch O'ama. They caught a bunch. Ricky had the most hanapa'a action. Didn't even need bait. Daylen showed them how to clean it. And Rustin fried them up, it was a delicious before dinner snack! It was an afternoon of enjoyment! The Boys had dinner, went sand crab hunting and topped off the evening with a nice campfire. We completed a Scoutmaster Conference for Ricky. Congratulations!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Todd Kaetsu for towing the Trailer to and from Camp. Thanks to Damien Boncales for picking up ice and glazed donuts for Saturday night dessert. Thank You to Vernon Verzon for bringing the ono pasteries and butter rolls from Paalakai Bakery on Sunday morning. Mahalo and great job, to Camp SPL Daylen and our Senior Scout Leaders. Awesome leadership Boys! Thank You to all the Scout's for your hard work and for being the best Scout's in the 808!

Enjoy your Sunday! Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Container Clean Up

                                              Photo Album

Hi Troop 75,

I hope you all enjoyed the hot and humid weekend! It was nice and breezy at the Momilani Community Center last weekend, but it was still very hot! I just want to say a HUGE THANKS to all the Scout's and Parents who came out last weekend to help with the Container clean up.

We had a very nice turn out and got the task accomplished faster than anticipated. Outstanding team work Troop 75! We sanded the surface with home made sanding blocks. We cut small pieces of 2X4 left over from the Makahiki Robot Track Project, and stapled sandpaper to them. Thank Jeffrey Eshelman for the great idea.

The Boys teamed up and sanded one Container at a time. Our task was to rough the surface for better paint stickiness. The Containers we're 40 feet long and 10 feet high. It was a lot of area to sand. The Adults did all the high sanding including the roof. It took about an hour for each Container. Then we Power Washed the surface. The Containers look new! Great Job Troop 75! The Pearl City Lions Club, along with the Troop 75 Adults will primer and paint each Container at a later date.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jeffrey Eshelman, Dave Masaki and Ken Nagamine for bringing their Power Washers. It made the job so much easier and faster. Thank You to Ben Ronquilio for the Coffee and Pasteries. The Eshelman Ohana for the snacks. Mahalos to the Parents who brought the Dust Masks, their Ladders and Power Tools. Thanks to Jake Tamaye and Ben Ronquilio for taking the pictures. Thanks to Tammy Kaetsu for bringing the Cooler and ice. Thank You very much everyone! It was an awesome team effort! The Project was a huge success! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Summer Camp 2017

                                           Photo album
Hello campers,
I hope you all had a great time at summer camp. I have gathered up all the pictures that I could find on summer camp and hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Matthew Ogata's Eagle Scout Project

Matthew Ogata's Eagle Scout Project
July 1, 2017
Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! It was a rainy Saturday morning, just as the Weatherman predicted. But thank goodness it cleared up, the sun came out and dried up the rain just in time. It turned out to be beautiful day for an Eagle Project. A little hot and humid, but we we're thankful. A HUGE MAHALOS to all the Scout's, Parents and Siblings for coming out to help with Matthew Ogata's Eagle Project.

We gathered at the Oahu Urban Garden. The morning started with Matthew briefing everyone on what needed to be done. And the Boys broke up into teams to paint the concrete barricades and the concrete bases for the Street Lamps. With the assistance of the Pearl City Lions Club. The Boys painted the handicap stripes in the newly resurfaced parking lot. We had some technical difficulties with the Striper that sprays the white lines. But Thanks to Dave Masaki for coming to the rescue and getting it started and running.

MAHALOS to Todd Kaestu and Steven Ogata for blowing all the debris away in the Bus turn around. That was a huge area to clear! Then the Pearl City Lions Club striped the perimeter of the area. We cleaned up and had a very delicious lunch and cool refreshments. MAHALOS to Steven, Melba and the Ogata Ohana for your generous hospitality. The Eagle Project was a huge success! And The Oahu Urban Garden Staff was very pleased and very grateful for our help. Awesome Teamwork! Great Job Troop 75 Ohana!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Have a great week!

Mr. Al

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Family Camp 2017

Family Camp 
June 2017

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weekend! We we're blessed with gorgeous sunshine and cool tropical breezes for our Annual Family Camp at the Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center. We couldn't ask for better weather! We did get a little shower on Saturday night. But it passed quickly, and we we're able to do our Saturday evening activities. A HUGE MAHALOS to all the Scout's, Parents and Siblings for coming out and spending the weekend with the Troop.

It's so nice not having to set up the Dining Fly and doing all the normal activities associated with a regular Camp. Camping at the QLCC is more of a staycation. With COOL AC, a commercial kitchen and comfortable sleeping quarters. Nice hot showers and clean bath rooms. Doesn't get much more comfortable than that gang! We we're greeted by Uncle Junior and after a quick briefing. We presented our donation of School Supplies. And a pretty Orchid to the Queen. Uncle Junior was very grateful for our thoughtful generosity.

We got our selves settled in and had a nice dinner! The Boys entertained themselves for a bit and went to bed early. Everyone was up bright and early on Saturday morning. We had a nice hardy breakfast and headed to the Ma'o Farm for a tour. The Ma'o Staff showed us the entire process from soil prep to distribution to the public. It was fun and very educational. Organic Fruits and Vegetables are the best. No chemicals! It's as natural as you can get. "No Panic" "Go Organic" is their motto. We got to sample some of the products, it was so ono! We also helped them with a small service project eradicating invasive weeds. We we're back at QLCC by lunch time. After lunch we took a walk to 7-11 for some ice cold treats.

On Saturday night we had an awesome dinner! Steaks, BBQ Chicken and Spaghetti! Everyone ate very well! After a little blessing rain. We had Camp Fire. The Boys did skits, told jokes and challenged each other to full body Jan Ken Po. You stand back to back. And using your whole body, you turn and make paper, rock or scissors. It was so much fun! Then everyone enjoyed Smores and Roasted Marsh Mellows afterwards. The Boys played quiet games and went to bed. A great weekend of fun and fellowship! 

A HUGE MAHALOS to Jason Furuta for organizing and coordinating this memorable event. and for purchasing and preparing the Food for the Adults and Staff! There we're so many people who made this Camp a success! It was busy, but a very productive weekend. We did three Scoutmaster Conferences. And even did an Adult Board. The new Scout's who attended, earned their Tottin and Fireman Chit. Congratulations, very well done! A Huge Mahalos to the Scout Staff for teaching them these skills.

A Huge Mahalos to all the Scout's for your very respectful behavior while at the QLCC and on the Field Trip to Ma'o Farm. Great job! To our outstanding Scout Leadership. A HUGE MAHALOS to all the Adult Leaders, Parents and Siblings! Thank You for a fabulous weekend! Thank You for all your hard work and dedication! I cannot Thank You guys enough! MAHALOS to Ann Nagamine, Sandy Yamamoto, Dan Kiyohiro, Damien Boncales and Vernon Verzon for sitting in on the Scoutmaster Conferences and Adult Board.

A SPECIAL MAHALOS to the Sunday Breakfast Crew! Thank You so much for getting up very early, and working so hard to prepare Sunday breakfast! Everything was so delicious! You guys Da Bes! Mahalos to our Towmaster, Todd Kaetsu. Our Iron Chefs. To our Grill Masters, Vernon Verzon, Dan Kiyohiro, Ken Nagamine and Todd Kaetsu. Special Mahalos to Gilbert Batangan and Damien Boncales for entertaining the Adults on Friday night with their Guitar artistry and beautiful voices! We all kind of joined in. It was like a night at the Karaoke Club.

It was very hot in Nanakuli, as it usually is! But we all had an awesome time! We had fun, we learned something new, made new friendships and we ate well! Another memorable Troop 75 experience! Thank You all!

There will be NO Troop Meeting next week Friday. The next Troop Meeting will be on Friday, July 7th. Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Al

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Court of Honor June 2017

Court of Honor
June 10, 2017

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope you're all enjoying this 3 day Kamehameha Day weekend! We had our second Court Of Honor of 2017. It was a hot and humid evening! We had a smaller than usual turn out. But that's OK, we had a great time of fellowship and great food.  A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Scout's. We're so proud of all of your accomplishments!

It was a short evening. We introduced some of our new Scout's and their Parents. The Troop has grown by 11 new Scout's. With the possibility of two more joining. We acknowledged our newest Eagle Scout, Justin Basuil. And Eagle Palm Recipients, Devin Kiyohiro and Brant Yamamoto. Then enjoyed a fabulous pot luck dinner and ono desserts. We had a lot of awards to give out. But we zipped through program in 35 minutes.

For the first time we awarded the National Outdoor Award. There we're 12 recipients. This award is earned by a Scout who demonstrates exemplary knowledge and experience in performing high level outdoor activities. The award consists of up to six emblem segments positioned around the perimeter of a beautiful center emblem. The segments represent six areas of emphasis, Camping, Aquatics, Conservation, Hiking, Riding and Adventure, with vigorous requirements to earn each segment. Our Scout's earned the Camping, Hiking and Aquatics segments, 

To earn this award you must be First Class, earn certain Merit Badges and put in so many hours of other vigorous outdoor activities. It's a very honorable achievement. With a little more effort, you can earn Gold and Silver Devices(pins). We awarded 11 Gold Devices tonight. And there's the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement. It's the highest recognition a Boy Scout can earn for exemplary achievement, expertise and skill in multiple areas of outdoor endeavors.

It was a very enjoyable evening of recognition, fellowship and good food. A HUGE MAHALOS to Roxanne Sivalop and the Ladies of the Activities Committee. Thank You for another great Troop 75 event! MAHALOS to all the Adult Leaders and Volunteers for your time, dedication and support of the Troop! Mahalos to everyone for all the delicious food and desserts. I really appreciate it! I can't Thank You enough! And to our wonderful Scout's! Thank You for being such great Scout's! You make us so proud!

Enjoy your Sunday and Kamehameha Day! Drive safely! Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Al

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good Turn 2017

Good Turn 2017

Photo Gallery - courtesy of A. Eshelman

HI Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope your all enjoying your 3 day weekend! It was a beautiful day, a little overcast but at least there was a breeze. But it was hot in the Cemetery. We  got a very light drizzle while we we're eating lunch. Thank goodness it was only in passing.  A HUGE MAHALOS to all the Scout's and Parents who came out this morning to do our duty.

We had a nice Bus ride to Punchbowl. What a beautiful sight to behold as the Scout's and Cub Scout's put the Flags and Leis on the more than 38,000 graves. It's like a huge wave moving across the Cemetery grounds. As hundreds of Scout's and Cub Scout's come together to honor our fallen hero's. Who fought for the freedom which we live under. A very touching display of appreciation and gratitude.

This year seemed like there we're more Scout's and Cub Scout's. The Ceremony started at 1:00 p.m. and was done by 1:30. It took the Kaala District a little over 30 minutes to cover our section. And we had one of the biggest sections too. We all enjoyed ice cream and juice sponsored by Meadow Gold when we we're done. And we walked down to Stevenson where our Bus was waiting. It was a great day!

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Al

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pupukea Camp Cleanup 2017

Pupukea Cleanup
May, 20, 2017
Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope your all enjoying this gorgeous day in the 808! Love that cool breeze! The weather at Pupukea was OK. It rained on Friday night, but not before we had everything set up. It was hot and sunny on Saturday. Perfect for our Service Project. A short, but very productive and fun overnighter. A HUGE MAHALOS to all the Scout's and Parents who came out to help Ranger Matt cleanup in preparation for Summer Camp.

We we're grateful that the rain stopped for a little bit until we had our main tent and personal tents up. We had a nice Friday night dinner. It was a cozy evening, we all huddled under the main tent as the rain resumed. No Campfire. A typical Pupukea welcome! We did something different with the main tent. Rather than put up the EZ corner tents. We used 4 adjustable poles, a long branch for the center, and the big tarp. Only had to dry one tarp. Great idea Jeffrey Eshelman!

It was an early start for the Boy's on Saturday morning. We had breakfast and then cleaned up. We broke camp and packed everything back into the Trailer before the 9:00 a.m. Service Project. The Troop 75 Lumber and Demolition Co. we're open for business! Our job was to break down old Platforms. Pound down all the nails on the truck loads of scrap lumber. Then stack them neatly into a dumpster. We cleaned up debris. Everyone worked VERY hard! We broke for lunch at 11:30.  And most of us had to leave because of the PC Graduation and prior Family obligations.

Our Scout's did an outstanding job! They worked their tails off! Without a single complaint. Thank You to all the Adults for your dedication and support! MAHALOS to our amazing Iron Chef Vernon Verzon. The food was so ono!! THANK YOU to our Tow Master Jeffrey Eshelman who towed the Trailer to and from. THANK YOU to the Masaki Ohana for bringing ice for the water cooler. Job well done to SPL Ian Eshelman! A special MAHALOS from Staff Member Lizzy, to Ian Eshelman, Rustin Kaestu and Alex Nagamine who stayed until the end. But all of our Boy's deserve kudos for their hard work! And I'm certain that Ranger Matt and his Staff are very appreciative, and very grateful for the Troop's hard work. The Troop was represented well! Good Job on your awesome team work Troop 75!

Mr. Al

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Makahiki 2017

Makahiki 2017

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope your all enjoying your weekend. The weather was unpredictable today. It was gloomy and humid for most of the day. Then rainy, now it's chilly. I think we should have Makahiki in the Blaisdell Exhibiton Hall every year. It doesn't matter what's happening outside. It's nice to have power. AND it's air conditioned!  I just wish they had a better variety of food concessions. A HUGE MAHALOS to all the Scout's and Parents who came out today to support the Troop!

A HUGE MAHALOS to the Friday set up crew. They had the place ready to go for Saturday. Mahalos to the early Saturday morning crew who came in to insure our Activity was in top shape and good to go by the start of Makahiki. The opening ceremony was beautiful. The Onizuka Family, Ellison's old Scoutmaster and Mayor Caldwell we're in attendance. Then it was non stop action in our Booth until the end. The Robot Activity was a tremendous success!

The Boy's did an outstanding job from the beginning of this Makahiki Project to the execution of the activity today. Awesome teamwork! They worked so hard and is showed in the popularity of our booth. Great job! We're so proud of all of you! You represented Troop 75 with pride! Our Scout Brothers of Pack 75 we're along side our Booth. They had a Nerf Gun Shooting Activity. They we're pretty busy too! It was a great time of fellowship and fun!

MAHALOS to all the Parents for all of your hard work, your knowledge, expertise and your dedication to making Troop 75 the best that it can be! The Troop is blessed! We have awesome Parent participation! That's what makes the difference between an average Troop and a superb Troop! Thank You for all your hard work today and at every Troop 75 event.

There we're so many people who helped out today, who helped to prepare for today. Rather than Thank people individually. And risk missing some one. Besides I can't remember! LoL!  I just want to say A HUGE THANK YOU! You guys "Da Bes." Thank You for your selfless sacrifice of time and energy! All the things you do, even the little things here and there. They add up. It's very much appreciated!

Mr. Al

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hoomaluhia Camp

Hoomaluhia Camp April 2017

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

What a beautiful day in Pearl City! I hope your all having an awesome weekend! I wish I could say that for the weather conditions for our annual Hoomaluhia Camp/Weeblos Overnighter. It was pretty much on-off rain and no sun for the whole weekend. The showers we're heavy at times. The ground was all gushy and muddy. The ground was so saturated! But our Boy's never complained. Memories of Pupukea!

A HUGE MAHALOS to the Scout's and Parents who braved the rain and the cold wind! In spite of our weather woes, we had a wonderful time. Our Boy's came well prepared and we're ready for whatever Mother Nature had in store for us. It was a challenge to put up the Dining Tent in the rain. But the Boy's never missed a step. They worked as a team and they worked quickly. Outstanding Job! By the time the Dining Tent was up. The Boy's were all wet, shoes and socks included. The rain didn't even let up while they we're putting up their personal tents. Made for a wet and uncomfortable Friday night.

On Saturday we got a break from the rain for a little while, and the sun peeked through the clouds a few times. Our Cub Scout Brothers from Pack 75 joined us on Saturday morning. Our Scout's taught them the Tottin and Fireman Chit requirements. They showed them knot tying and fire making skills. And what they could expect when they take the next step on the path to Eagle. It was a day of teaching. Great job Troop 75 Scout's! We're proud of you! We cancelled any hiking or fishing activities because of the unpredictable weather.

We had a nice dinner and campfire. The Scout's and Cub Scout's performed skits and told jokes at Campfire. The Cub Scout's made these delicious apple turnovers by frying them in a pan like grilled cheese. They cancelled their Dutch Oven Cobbler activity due to weather.  A HUGE MAHALOS to Karen Batangan and Cubmaster David Heard for joining us and allowing us to host their Weeblo Scout's. And for sharing their short ribs, teri beef and hamburger stew with the Troop. We ate well! And had so much fun!

A HUGE MAHALOS to our Iron Chef Damien Boncales and his trusty assistant Vernon Verzon. They prepared all the broke da mouth ono meals for the Adults. Including the cinnamon roles that we're baked in the Dutch Oven. The Boys inhaled those in a heartbeat! MAHALOS to our Towmasters, Todd Kaetsu and Vernon Verzon. Thank You to all the Adults for your help and support. We welcomed first time campers, Christan, Solomon and Tony who recently joined the Troop. They had a blast! And their Dads too! Just wished the weather was better..

We spent most of our time in the Dining Tent. And in between the rain we did Scoutmaster Conferences outside. The Boy's entertained themselves. Not much they could do. Thank You to our SPL Gavin Verzon and ASPL Cody Tamaye for your awesome leadership. Looks like we will be getting 4 Cub Scout's crossing over to Troop 75 on May 7th. And older Brother(13) of one of the Weeblo II's. The Ohana is growing. We even had entertainment from the Blue Grass Musicians through out the day and in the evening. We shared the Park with them for their annual get together. it was nice.

Mr. Al

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Makahiki Track Build Day 1

Makahiki Track Build 
Day 1

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope your all enjoying your weekend. A bit warm and humid, but manageable.  A HUGE MAHALOS to the Eshelman Ohana for their gracious hospitality. Thank You for opening up your home so the Scout's had a place to work on their Makahiki Robot Tracks. We had a really nice turn out.

A BIG MAHALOS to all the Scout's and Parents who came out to help. After a little brainstorming the Boy's got started. And it was pedal to the metal from there on. They had many great ideas. Everyone had a job to do. The teamwork and camaraderie was awesome! The Boy's completed 2 Tracks. Each Track is made up of (4) 4'X4' pieces of plywood. Complete with an obstacle course. Each section is interchangeable. And very easy to move and assemble. A pretty ingenious design!

The Boy's learned a lot about carpentry and working with wood. They learned how to safely use power tools and the importance of protective gear. Outstanding job Scout's! Thank You to all the Parents for sharing your knowledge, equipment and teaching the Boy's to measure twice, and cut once. A lesson that will carry on into their Adult life. To always work smart, and work safe.

Coconut Island Camp 2017

Coconut Island Camp 
March 18, 2017

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weekend! We couldn't ask for better weather for our Coconut Island Overnighter. It was perfect! Just enough breeze to keep us cool. And plenty of sunshine to go around. The nights we're nice and comfortable. The experience was indescribable! You'd have to have been there to truly appreciate the beauty and splendor of this Island.

A HUGE MAHALOS to Dan Kiyohiro for organizing and coordinating this memorable Camping experience! I truly hope we will be able to do this again! This Camp ranks right up there as one of the best Camps ever! MAHALOS to all the Scout's, Adult Leaders and Parents for coming out. And Thank You Adults for helping to chaperone the Boy's. We definitely got our monies worth!

The Boy's earned the Oceanography Merit Badge and got an awesome Camping experience! It was a great learning experience for the Scout's and the Adults as well. The Class was very informative and presented very well. We all left with a deeper appreciation of the ocean. And a greater awareness of how important it is to take care of our oceans. Makes you want to go out and join NOAA.

We got the "the three hour tour" of the Island. We saw so many much different kinds of marine life. From Sharks, to fish, coral and crustaceans. The many different research projects going on. The water is so clean, clear and abundant with marine life. The Boy's learned a lot about Plankton. Plankton is attracted to light. They made Plankton Catchers.  And after dinner we went to the pier. To do an experiment on how different colored lights attract plankton. Even a few Adults participated. They concluded that green seems to have the most attraction.

We had a late start on Saturday due to Staffing and technical difficulties with one of the transport boats. As soon as we got on the Island, everyone found their spot and pitched their tent. And then it was off to class. The Boy's had a late Saturday night. Some of them didn't finish until 12:30 AM. But no one complained. We received very good comments from the Staff on how well behaved our Boy's are. And how focused and enthusiastic they we're. They said, "this group is the best group they ever had." Good job Scout Leaders! Great leadership, achieves great things!  

We ended our stay with a nice continental  breakfast on Sunday morning. And we're entertained by the Troop 75 Quartet, Remi Evans, Rustin Kaetsu, Gavin Verzon and Matthew Ogata, singing the Gilligan's Island Theme Song. With Aaron Yoshida providing the music. The Adults couldn't resist, we had to join them. Now we'll all be singing the theme song all week long! LoL!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 2017 Court of Honor

March 11, 2017

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope your all having a great weekend! It was a warm evening for a Court Of Honor. But nonetheless we had a fabulous time. It was our first Court Of Honor of 2017. We missed a bunch of Scout's and their Families due to previous engagements. It was a short but really nice Court Of Honor.

A well deserved CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Scout's and their Families. Scout's, great job on your Rank Advancements, Merit Badges and Palms earned. You guys work so hard through out the year! We have two new Eagle Scout's. Congratulations to Daylen Masaki and Devin Kiyohiro! Outstanding job on achieving Scouting's most coveted award.

A HUGE MAHALOS to Roxanne Sivalop, the Activities Committee and Volunteers for doing an awesome job as usual! Thank You to everyone for all the ono food and delicious desserts! Mahalos to Damien Boncales for being our sound man and letting us use his sound system. Thank You to Andrea Eshelman for the Friend's Of Scouting presentation. Mahalos to our Adult Leaders and Volunteers. Couldn't do it without you! Thank You for your time and your continued support and dedication!

Just a friendly reminder, there will be NO Troop Meeting on Friday, March 17th. Please see Dan Kiyohiro's e-mail for the details regarding the Coconut Island Camp Over. See you on Saturday.

Have an enjoyable Sunday! And have a great week!

Mr. Al

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Troop 75 Fishing Tournament 2/25/17

Troop 75 Fishing Tournament
Sand Island

HI Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend! Yes I agree! It was a really nice day for fishing. Overcast with vog, but no burning sun. The air was calm and the water was nice and glassy. We didn't have much hanapa'a, but the fellowship and fun was well worth the trip!  A HUGE MAHALOS to Daylen and the Masaki Ohana for coordinating and organizing this Fishing trip!

MAHALOS to all the Scout's, Siblings and Parents who came out today. We all had so much fun! Congratulations to all the Winner's of the 1st Annual Troop 75 Fishing Tournament. Special Congrats to Daylen for being the only person to catch fish. Thank You to Dan Kiyohiro for being our Photographer to archive another great Troop 75 memory!

Mr. Al

The winner's of the fishing tournament.

Biggest fish/crab from non Troop 75 Scout, Kolby Batangan.

Biggest fish/only fish from Troop 75 Scout, Daylen Masaki. 

Most unique item caught  (plastic bag), Devin Kiyohiro. 

Finally last place, oh I mean last one 

Biggest fish/rock caught by an adult, Sharon Kiyohiro. Yes it was a ROCK.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scout Sunday February 2017


Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

It was a beautiful day to attend a Church Service. I just want to say a HUGE MAHALOS to all the Scout's, Adult Leaders and Parents who participated. We had a decent turn out Scouts and a handful from Pack 75.

Pastor Ricky delivered a great Sermon. He spoke very highly of the Scouts and how much he appreciates the Troop and Pack. The Church gave us these beautiful plates with the inscription from Luke 1:37 which said, "Nothing is impossible with God" Karen Batangan and myself made donations on behalf of the Troop and Pack to Pastor Ricky and the Kahikuonalani Congregation. 

Karen and I expressed our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Pastor Ricky and the Congregation for all their love and support through the years. Our Scout's make us so proud, they participated in the responsive reading and helped with the offeratory bowls. And did an outstanding job with posting and retiring the colors. We had a fun time of fellowship and good food after the Service.

Mr. Al 

Wicklund Camp February 2017

February 2017

Hi Troop 75 Ohana,

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! We had a great time at the Wicklund Camp. Couldn't ask for better weather. Mother Nature was kinder to us this weekend. A definite improvement from Kualoa B last month. It was a smaller than usual group. I just want to say a HUGE MAHALOS to all the Scout's, Adult Leaders and Parents who joined us this weekend.

The sky was clear and full of stars on Friday night. Which made for chilly evenings. We did get some rain on Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness it just passed. However the wind stuck around and cooled things a bit. We did 2 service projects for the Wicklunds, we uncovered the logs. And we rebuilt the wooden structure that had sunk into the sand. They also dug out the fire barrel which got buried to. And pulled weeds as well. The Wicklunds we're so happy and very grateful!

We had a great Campfire gathering. The Boys did skits, sang songs and told jokes. They made smores. And went crab hunting after that. A very fun filled weekend for all! Our Scout's worked very hard this weekend! It was unusual for them not to go swimming. Just Evan and Mr. Verzon cooled themselves off in the ocean.

A HUGE MAHALOS to Jake Tamaye for providing the food for the Adults. Mahalos to Jake, Damien, Jeffrey, and Vernon for their culinary skills. The food was ono! Special THANKS to our Tow masters, Jeffrey and Vernon. Mahalos to Vernon for the "WendallsMalasadas. Was onoMahalos to the Scout Leaders, Thank You for your leadership, great job Boys!

A Special Thank You to the Boys for your very thoughtful and heart felt Brownie with a match for a candle. And for the Happy Birthday song. You guys are so awesome! Thank You to the Adults for your continued support and dedication! It's very much appreciated! 

Have a great week!

Mr. Al